European Network on Alcohol Law Enforcement, 2012 conference


On November 15th and 16th the second European conference on Alcohol Law Enforcement took place. This year, the main focus was on how to reduce drunkeness and over-serving related violence.

Over a 100 experts from different European countries and the United States attended the conference.

Brochure conferenceBrochure conference (423 kB)

Program conferenceProgram conference (2,32 MB)

First day: November 15th
Alcohol Policy research and practices

Phil HadfieldPhil Hadfield (2,92 MB)

Sven Andréasson (1)Sven Andréasson (1) (27,2 MB)

Session 1: Law enforcement policy and research from 3 big cities

Sven Andréasson (2)Sven Andréasson (2) (30,1 MB)

Denis Wiering (prezi presentation)

Phil Hadfield (from slide 10)Phil Hadfield (from slide 10) (4,21 MB)

Session 2: Law enforcement practices

Rebekka HofmannRebekka Hofmann (7,24 MB)

Rosa Bosch CampreciósRosa Bosch Campreciós (2,95 MB)

Rebecca Ramirez & James Wilson (1)Rebecca Ramirez & James Wilson (1) (2,70 MB)

Second day: November 16th
Law enforcement practices

Asa WetterqvistAsa Wetterqvist (2,02 MB)

Patrick Widell Patrick Widell (7,53 MB)

Rebecca Ramirez & James Wilson (2)Rebecca Ramirez & James Wilson (2) (1,31 MB)

Series of speed presentations

Mats RamstedtMats Ramstedt (230 kB)

Rob BovensRob Bovens (3,72 MB)

Roger Jansson & Olof BratthallRoger Jansson & Olof Bratthall (3,07 MB)

Grazina BelianGrazina Belian (691 kB)

Silvio FlueckigerSilvio Flueckiger (2,56 MB)

Johny BrennaJohny Brenna (1,73 MB)

How to procede with the European Network on Alcohol Law Enforcement

Wim van DalenWim van Dalen (536 kB)

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