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    What is the effect of labelling/health warnings on alcoholic products? (Avalon de Bruijn, 14 maart 2008 11:37)
    Most research on the effect of alcohol warning labels are conducted in the United States after the introduction of labelling on alcoholic products in 1989. A review of studies found that especially th
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    What are the objectives of EUCAM? (Avalon de Bruijn, 14 maart 2008 11:35)
    EUCAM is set up to collect, exchange and to promote knowledge and experience about alcohol marketing throughout Europe. The knowledge partly results from ELSA, the European project that brought togeth
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    How is labelling regulated in Europe? (Avalon de Bruijn, 14 maart 2008 11:34)
    EU policy on health warnings on alcoholic products

    DG Sanco, the Directorate General on Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission state in their report on [link=http://ec.eu
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    Does alcohol marketing influence young people (Avalon de Bruijn, 22 februari 2008 16:45)
    The relationship between alcohol marketing and alcohol consumption is too complex for a straightforward yes or no. The scientific debate is still heated. A majority of the research examines the effect
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    What is EUCAM? (Avalon de Bruijn, 22 februari 2008 15:57)
    The European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing or EUCAM was established in 2007 by the National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention in the Netherlands and operates under the support of the NGOs: A
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    Heineken Cool Can (Karin Hommen, 29 augustus 2006 13:04)
    Television commercial and print advertisement for beer with strong resemblace to a computer game. The campaign is connected to a website on which the atari-like game can actually be played and prizes
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    Baileys Icecubes (Karin Hommen, 7 augustus 2006 16:24)
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    Tuborg, Die Grunes (Karin Hommen, 7 augustus 2006 16:14)
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    A pair of Carlsberg (Karin Hommen, 7 augustus 2006 16:08)
    Alcohol and sports?
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    Budweiser World Cup (Karin Hommen, 11 juli 2006 09:32)
    Budweiser is official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup.


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